Pre-Cut Items Never Wasted, Always Resourceful

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In the spirit of sustainable development and positive carbon use reduction, two important sub-themes have been highlighted. Instead of pitching out items that have surpassed its usefulness, find new ways to utilize them elsewhere. Take pre-cut tennis balls for instance. Once they were used on the tennis court. But once the life was wacked out of them, they became redundant. They did, however, enjoy a brief stay of execution.

The club members took their balls home with them and dished them out for the kids to play with. Or they tossed a couple to the dogs. Talk about going to the dogs. Because it would not be long before the playful pups had chewed those once-furry balls to soggy bits. And while the kids were playing rounders or their version of the World Series, over the wall those old balls went. Irony of ironies because across the wall, those disgruntled old neighbors, instead of tossing the balls back, would have cut them up to bits.

Talk about good neighborliness. And grumpy old men. Perhaps if they were more resourceful and found things to keep them busy with during what is supposed to be their golden years, they wouldn’t be so grumpy in the first place. Anyhow, you might not play tennis. Heck, you don’t even have kids or dogs. But even if you do, and especially if you do, you need to order these pre-cut tennis balls.

pre-cut tennis balls

Because this is what you do with them. These half-sized balls are placed over the feet of your decent tables and chairs. So in case anyone should carelessly scrape the chair instead of picking it up properly, or bump the table – young kids tend to do this a lot – no damage is done to the furniture.