Tips For Creating The Perfect Kids’ Room

Kids can be a joy to have and play with.  They are filled with fresh ideas, different ways of thinking and a unique perspective on the world.  With this said it is important that we create a special space just for them that they can use, grow and explore with. 


The first step in this process is to paint.  Allowing kids to choose their own paint color cold be a nightmare for parents but a great bonding experience for the kids.  Giving the option to make a decision in their own space gives them the experience of having something that is their own.  As a result it starts them on the path to good decision making.


The bed that they sleep in should be a decision that the child has a lot of input on.  Whether it is a single bed or a bunk bed chicago, the child will be using it as a primary piece of furniture.  The bed should be comfortable, fit to their size and last them a long time.  When your child grows to a specific size having to replace the bed or mattress can be a costly expense so finding something that will grow with the is the best option.


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Allow your child to dress their room as they see fit.  Keeping in mind that clutter is not an option, allow them to pick out their bedspread, pillows, posters, and other items that will make their space their own.  When hanging items on the wall make sure that you don’t do anything destructive or that will cause extensive repairs down the road.

Talk to your kids

Before getting started make sure to talk to your kids and lay out some ground rules.  Letting them go crazy and pick out anything that is cool to them can cost a pretty penny.  Let them know that the decisions that they make will be with them for a long time.  Decide wisely.